Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moving commotion

So apparently deciding to create a blog randomly isn't such a good idea when you're not really available to be online. I am settling into a new apartment; this is the fourth place I've lived in in the the past 6 or 7 months. I moved away from San Diego in August, stayed in a house up in Long Beach for 5 or 6 months, moved to an apartment back in San Diego, stayed there for a little less than a week, moved to a new apartment (same complex) because it had leaks and mold and bugs. I should be moving back to said apartment within the next few weeks...it's almost done being fixed up (they said that two weeks ago). Argh.

I started a new school, which I actually like pretty well. It's much better than my Long Beach school. I'm taking a ridiculous number of APs. I'm basically walking into them with no experience. Wish me luck? I'm doing pretty well, despite all the chaos. I'm hanging in there generally speaking, but the ground is still pretty unstable, you know?

Oh, by the way, my 12+ year old computer decided to break down and erase all my files, everything. It's completely busted. I lost alllllll my art work. Gosh darn. Good thing I'm pretty frequent in updating to my deviantart account. I have a few solid things on a thumbdrive, but I can't find it...it's been through three moves, and everything's so unorganized! Try living out of boxes and bags and garages and storage units for 6 months. Your body itself begins to feel like an old wool sweater; threads getting caught on everything and unravelling around you. Yet you won't get rid of it because you love it so much and you stubbornly refuse to give it up just because of a few thin spots!

p.s: yes, the bear drawing I did is kind of unrelated, but I like to think that he is moving to a new forest-home just as I am moving to a new apartment. no comment.