Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life one year later

I haven't updated this thing in over a year. Wow. I always have the best of intentions to get personal projects like this up and running, but life gets in the way. But that's okay! I've had a pretty awesome year. Last time I posted, I spoke of high school and APs and the 80 moves I went through.

That summer I spent most of my time prepping for college, getting rid of unnecessary personal belongings, a few freelance projects and self-employment (cleaning houses, babysitting etc), and finally moving up to Los Angeles at the end of August. I studied at Otis College of Art & Design for a year. Foundation year was oh so very helpful, in more than one way. I learned a lot about art and education, but also about myself and people, which was something I needed. However, a good education is not cheap, so I will not be returning this upcoming year. Not that I can't afford the tuition (thank you very much FAFSA government money!!) but the cost of housing is the straw that breaks the bank account. I will be studying this year at Platt College in San Diego, which is very conveniently close to my family's apartment (by the way I had spent my winter break moving AGAIN). I had originally intended to go to CalArts for character animation this year, but there was a mail issue and basically my portfolio was lost in transit despite the application, letters of rec, transcripts etc. No worries, will apply again as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hopefully another productive and joyful year!!

p.s: since 2009, I have lived in 6 different places!!