Sunday, February 12, 2012

figuring it out

Lately I've been working to decide what websites I like to use best for posting my artwork/staying in contact with others. I keep switching between different sites and trying different styles, methods of posting and ideas to try and see what I'm the most interested in right now.

Deviantart has been my favorite for art so far, and I like Facebook better than emailing socially. I like them both better because I feel like there is more open community, and I have more people on both because I've had them longer and spent more time building them.
I just started a tumblr 2ish weeks ago, and so far I think it is a neat gadget, not so good for staying in contact with people verbally but good to just quickly observe what's going on in a lot of different areas of interest and quickly post some small doodles (nothing really super detailed) and share what's been going on visually in my life and brain.
Blogspot has been my least favorite so far, I feel like it is too 'formal' for my sense because I need a structured layout, and feel pressured that each post absolutely must be something interesting or extremely captivating, instead of just little snippets. I first thought this strange because I don't tend to be a chatterbox and I'd rather say something only if it must be said. However I realized that having this mentality was really keeping me shut out of the world and became an art hermit just off doing my own thing and not engaging with others. Maintaining blogspot I think could really payoff, I can image myself using it for my graphic novel idea updates, small comic series, concept art dumps, to-do lists/mini journals, or events.

I am definitely a person who works on multiple things at once, and have to find a way to balance everything out so that I can accomplish many goals around the same time and move to the next level. It can be hard managing things myself though, rather setting my own goals and keeping a tight schedule. It's also weird to think about because when I first seriously started using the internet when I was about 12 or 13, I was really curious and got involved with tons of websites and online communities when it was still 'slightly underground' so I was in a sense ahead of the curve about what the online communities were up to. I also figured out how to use digital medias a lot on my own, and used them as an extension of my previous abilities instead of using them as a crutch. Then I somehow fell behind, not as involved as I was before and now I have to regain my curiousness and learn more about how things are done currently. I guess the lesson of all this is to never forget being truly curious and following what my emotions tell me I want to learn and not do something because I think it needs to be done.

I almost forgot, this couldn't be a complete journal without another shameless plug v_v
Parietaleclipse on deviantART
agentmosley on tumblr

Monday, January 30, 2012


what january is almost over??

I haven't posted since december which seems so long ago, and I know I haven't been posting consistently. I've been getting myself pretty busy lately, which is good. I needed some time to take a mental break and sort certain things out in my life, which has happened and now my mind is a lot more clear and ready to get back into things.

I've rediscovered how much I love to learn. I've always been extremely curious, but for some time in the past I wasn't pursuing my interests as much as I used to. I stopped reading voraciously, running and exercising wasn't as fun as it used to be, and even with my drawing was more of a defense mechanism and habit than a true hobby or way of learning. I go to the library about twice a week and browse or check a few out. Currently I'm reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, which I've always wanted to. I'm running at least 3 miles four times a week and enjoying it, I even went swimming yesterday. I started a new sketchbook and am REALLY enjoying using it. It's like my own little observational journal, where I stalk people on the bus or draw my face for practice or doodle from my mind or books I like. I had the same sketchbook for 2 years which was a really terrible time in my life where I couldn't draw shit and wasn't enjoying it very much.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I've been rediscovering myself. I do things because I'm curious or because I like to. There's no point in doing something just because you're told to or because it's expected of you. I've remembered how bold I used to be a very long time ago, and who I always was but wasn't expressing. I'm relearning not to apologize for who I am and what interests me. It's a really great feeling.

I've been making schedules for myself to be productive and manage all the things I want to do. DO ALL THE THINGS! haha really I learn so much everyday and want to do even more, it's madness.

I'm stockpiling tons of work right now and slowly posting to various places, so I'm getting pretty psyched about it and hope you will too.

I decided that each of my accounts/websites should have a purpose, to make things more interesting and easier for me (and hopefully y'all) to navigate or follow.

deviantart = pretty much all art I do, or at least a large chunk of it if it's a multi-piece/large project.
tumblr = sketchbook entries, photos, observations, very small pieces of writing (like quotes of rhetorical questions), and random doodles that probably have to do with fandoms or things I like
blogspot = my larger pieces of writing, mainly for self-use like a journal, school projects, multi-piece/large projects
facebook = how to get in touch with me socially I guess, I post random pieces of work there but not really anything worth documenting