Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy Halloween everyone! Man I love this holiday. Well, here's my Halloween sketch from last year with slight revamps of them on Photoshop for this year.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

spotted self portraits

..also known as "how to abuse the same texture from" seriously, they're brilliant, free, and great for those of us just now being introduced to the world of overlay textures in photoshop.

Anyway! Just some funky self-portraits I find myself doodling, most likely inspired by starting to dye my hair different colors two-ish months ago. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

good life

Life's been really great lately. I keep finding myself smiling and thinking happy. I've been freeing myself of things that, well, have been holding me down. Everything seems to be unfolding just the way I've always wanted it.

Next week I start my third class at Platt! Typography, I think? First class was Digital Production 101, learned InDesign and some vector stuff on Illustrator. Almost done with Oral Communication 105 aka 'speech class'. It really opened me up, as I'm normally so shy! The professor's enthusiasm and encouragement was really inspiring to me.

I promise I'll post things soon! Most likely old work from last year, some self portraits and some teasers for the graphic novel I'm finally working on. I'm doing my CalArts application since they opened up beginning of October, so after I get through the paperwork part I will post the portfolio. A lot of it will be life drawings from Otis 10-11, so there's no point posting it now and again later. :)

I found a really cool playlist on Adult Swim's music section! I never have been a huge follower of their network, not that I don't enjoy certain things about it. Something about late summer nights brings me back, I guess.